Fresh by Fai was curated by a full-time, South Asian-American, college student who has always had an interest in nail expression. She is operating on her own and hopes to offer nail options to individuals who:

☆ do not have access to salons due to COVID-19 safety measures

☆ are sick of the damage that traditional acrylic manicures have on their natural nails

☆ feel that salon manicures are far too expensive

☆ want nails that they can pop off by the end of the night

☆ are not allowed to have their nails done because of work


☆ cannot, for the life of them, do their own [tidy] manicures!

We feel you. We're here for you.

With how quick, easy, and durable Fresh by Fai press-on nails are to apply and last, you simply can't go wrong.

We are honored to have your interest and look forward to bringing you high quality, long-lasting press-ons! STAY FRE$H.